Changing the future one child at a time


Our Dream

We realize that we live in a community with brokenness and special challenges. We want to make a difference by working together with parents and other role players and use whatever talents and gifts we have to bring about change and help heal and restore lives. We believe that by positively touching a life of a child, a ripple effect can be created that can extend to a wider community. We are comfortable with not having all the answers or solutions but to work with what we have and who we are. We trust in God to do the rest!!

The dream and vision of the Aitsa aftercare centre is to improve the quality of the lives of school children living in the Dwarsriver Valley and Kylemore area by providing them with a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment in the afternoons after school. Here they will have a sense of belonging and feel loved. They will have the opportunity to be educationally stimulated through literacy and numeracy programs. They will be able to do sport, art and other extra mural activities that they would not otherwise be exposed to. They will have the opportunity to develop their natural talents and gifts and become balanced and productive adults that can make a difference in their community.

We see ourselves as partners of the current educational institutions in the area as well as of the parents and want to support them where they do not have the time or expertise to develop the children further.

We are currently the only registered after-care centre in Kylemore. There are approximately 600 children in the local primary school, PC Petersen. Our dream and vision is to accommodate as many of these children as possible, and to expand into the rest of the Dwarsriver Valley . This year we have 105 children enrolled. They make up a Gr R, Gr 1 and Gr 2 class, which we aim to expand into the higher grades with time. Class attendance is between 90 and 100% daily and the kids can't wait to go to aftercare!

We want to walk a journey with each child from age 5 to 18, to become the brightest star they can be.

The following programmes are running in 2016:

  • Chess facilitated by Anthon Willemberg
  • Maties child kinetics
  • Ball skills and fitness by Rise Tennis academy
  • Reading eggs computer based literacy programme
  • Number sense mathematical stimulation programme
  • Xander application for reading and mathematical stimulation on tablets
  • Choir and music
  • Remedial reading classes endorsed by the ATKV

What we do and why we do it

Please watch our video to see exactly what we stand for and what we aim to achieve!!

Latest news

Tracy Prowse is showing our teachers how to have Physifun!

Tracy Prowse from Physifun is showing our teachers how to enhance our kids’ gross and fine motor skills with everyday objects. A big Thank you to Tracy, who gives her time and expertise free of charge!   As you can see, one just needs a bit of creativity to achieve wonderful results…

Chess tournament coming up!

Our kids are practicing hard for the upcoming Boland tournament on the 20th of February. 10 of our students are participating under the guidance of our new chess coach, Anthon Willemberg. We wish them all good luck! 10 van ons kinders neem deel aan die Boland Skaak toernooi die naweek, onder leiding van ons nuwe […]

Our Christmas concert!!

We all had great fun saying thank you to all the volunteers who make our programme possible – Physifun, Maties kinetika, Ulahn Lakei for chess, Susanka for dance, Rise tennis academy for ball skills, Bazoo for educational material, ATKV for our reading support programme, Naomi van Wyk for our parent support programme, our social worker […]

Parent support group

Our first parent support group meeting took place on 15 October from 9-11 am at the Aitsa classrooms in the PC Peterson primary school. These meetings will take place every second week, and will be a place of mutual support and caring for any parents from the community who would like to join us. You […]