Sponsor a child for R300 per month

This will include food, access to all extra mural activities, camps, parental support, outings and reading support programs. A sponsor can choose to know the child and have contact with the child on birthdays, Christmas party etc or be anonymous.

Sponsor a remedial teacher for R1000 per month

Sponsor a remedial teacher for individual and small group learning support sessions- R1000 per month.

Sponsor a teacher for R4000 per month

We want to make sure that the quality of our teachers will always be high. We will use qualified teachers or pre school teachers. Where possible we want to support the local community of Kylemore and the greater Dwarsriver valley by employing teachers and assistants from those areas.

Sponsor a social worker for R6000 per month

We believe that we need to work very closely with parents and families if we really want to make a life changing difference in the lives of children. An in-house social worker will have access and time to work closely with challenges that the families face in everyday life.

Sponsor our reading project for R50 000 per year

Our reading project has 2 full time tutors working with small groups of 3-4 children at a time. They follow the accredited ATKV Doen en leer remedial programme and currently support children from gr R to Gr4. Aitsa children have shown a 93% improvement in reading assessment since the start of the programme.

Sponsor our chess programme for R150 000 per year

Our chess master Athon Willenberg is coaching 40 Aitsa kids weekly. We currently have 8 kids in the Cape Winenlands team and 3 children in the Western Province team. The sponsorship will cover clothing, transport, tournaments and coaching.

Sponsor a new container classroom for R100 000 once off

Aitsa! is growing! Please help us reach more kids by sponsoring a fully equipped container classroom, which will enable us to add 35 more children to our project.

Once-off donations or specific donations

If you want to donate a sum of money and feel passionately that it must go to a specific cause, you can let us know. Donate towards a camp, holiday program or quarterly outing

Become an Aitsa! mentor

Our senior children participate in a mentorship programme in groups of no more than 4. In these groups they are given space to be themselves and develop acceptance, love and confidence. They are guided through the Heartlines curriculum which focuses on positive values. If you have energy and a love for children, values similar to that of Aitsa!, 45 minutes a week and the ability to commit for a year, please contact Marietjie Steyn on 0823376242.

Become a friend of Aitsa!!

By liking our Facebook page you will get up to date information on what we are up to!

Volunteer your time and your skills

Give your time and expertise: If you have time to spare (half an hour/hour a week), come and share your talent or come and read or come and play. Chess, tennis, cycling, dancing- these kids are hungry for any form of stimulation and play. Bring your own kids along and introduce them to community work and how one can make a difference in and around your area. Offer your services on the management committee- accounting, website, newsletters, fundraising. Bring your colleagues and treat the children to a special afternoon of fun activities!

Support our fundraising events

Bring your second hand goods, visit our Facebook page and spread the news!