The Steyn family moved into the Banhoek valley in the middle of 2012. They immediately fell in love, not only with the farms and mountains of the valley but also with the quaint village of Kylemore. Marietjie, an educational psychologist, offered her services at the local primary school as a counselor.

In the months that followed, she became aware of the desperate situation that some children found themselves in. Parents working long hours, poverty and substance abuse led to many kids roaming the streets – hungry, bored and often feeling unloved and unwanted. Such children often find solace in groups. In similar situations and together, they get involved in crime, sexual promiscuity and substance abuse. After being part of an After-care centre in an informal settlement in Zandspruit, Johannesburg for 10 years, Marietjie had seen the fruit of such a project and knew that this was what the children of Kylemore needed- a place, away from the streets, where they would feel loved and cared for and be given food, attention and stimulation. Marietjie approached the Imbali Western Cape organisation, an established NGO in the Kylemore area, to incorporate the After Care Centre as part of their projects.

After 15 months of being part of the Imbali Western Cape NGO, the After Care team decided to spread their wings and start their own NPO called the Dwarsriver Valley Initiative.